Ethereum multipler

Multiple your ethereum without risks and deposits in five days!


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How it use?

1. Download and install Ethereum Multipler App

2. Enter your ethereum address and referrer address (optional) in app

3. Wait for the timer to end, after which the balance on the wallet will be multiplied.

Multiple rates!

Address balance 0.2 ETH - 0.5 ETH * 1.05 = 0.01 ETH - 0.025 ETH

Address balance >0.5 ETH - 2 ETH * 1.1 = 0.05 ETH - 0.2 ETH

Address balance >2 ETH - 10 ETH * 1.15 = 0.3 ETH - 1.5 ETH

Address balance >10 ETH * 1.2 = 2 ETH

Affiliate program

We also have an affiliate program 10% of the referral income. Your referrals need enter your address in the "Referer address" input field inside the application. Important! If your address was not multiplied or is not multiplying at the moment, then it will not be accepted by the system! Referral charges are automatically sent after multiplying the balance of your referral.

Check address of referrals


You can multiply balance once per address.